Reading Reforming

reading reforming

Dariush Alimohammadi

How much do you understand the world? To what extent do you control it? The correct answer is that it depends on the extent of awareness you may have. When I use the word ‘awareness”, I mean being informed of what is happening around us. I do not want to convince you that being able to control the environment is only possible through awarding an academic degree. There are plenty of people all over the world that have never been registered in a higher education institute. But their behavior represents the wisdom. There is a unique light in their life. Therefore, I follow the minimalist approach and use the word “awareness” in its broader concept. According to me, awareness is the key for an abstruse situation in which one may not be able to solve the puzzle. It is the result of reading. I am willing to use the word “reading” as I did for the word “awareness’. Reading, as I think, is any observation I can do. I can read the text as well as I can read the non-textual material. For example, Mr. Behrad Farzadi has made clear the concept of reading non-textual material through explaining the concept of “photoreading” in the same issue of the journal. So, I can read all readable materials. I am not a wishy-washy! I read, I think, and I decide to do. One of the decisions I can make, is reading again and again. Reading after reading leads to reforming. The primary form of anything will absolutely be changed in the reading process I started one day in my life. I can have an understanding of a given phenomenon in my mind. But there is no guarantee for freezing. As I read more and more, I will gain new images of all phenomena. This is the start point of reforming. When the images reformatted, the behavior will be reformatted inevitably. That’s why people change during their life. People change not just for pomposity; although some people are ostentatious. But the bottom of changing is an unavoidable reforming happened in mind and act. It is a holistic rule that the history of human life on the earth showed changing as the only positive factor of promoting. So, read and do not fear of change you would experience.

. Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science and Knowledge Studies, Kharazmi University

نویسنده نوشته: دکتر داریوش علیمحمدی

. Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science and Knowledge Studies, Kharazmi University عضو هیئت علمی گروه علم اطلاعات و دانش شناسی دانشگاه خوارزمی

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